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Ghost Name: Evelyn Enders

Birth Date: September 8th, 1905

Death Date: October 31st, 1931


Evelyn Enders was born to a middle class family in New York. She was a happy child until her parents died in 1915. She was only ten, and watching their bodies twist into ghastly positions after a Sunday drive went horribly awry caused a few nerves in her brain to snap. The young child became extremely problematic. Her moods changed rapidly and without warning, causing her to lash out at the slightest problems. Her grandmother, who had taken custody of the child after her parents’ deaths, could not handle young Evelyn and began to look for alternative homes.

News of the child’s temper reached her aunt in New Orleans who worked as a cook in Gracey Mansion. She asked Master Gracey and his new wife, Lillian, if her niece could live in the mansion with her. Soon, a car was sent to fetch Miss Enders and take her down to New Orleans.

For a while, the change of scenery seemed to help. She had occasional temper tantrums, but they were hardly unmanageable, and by Evelyn’s eighteenth birthday, they seemed to have disappeared completely, leaving only a visage of unparalleled beauty and a quiet disposition.

It was at one of the famous Gracey parties that she met a young man named Edmund Fletcher. He was dashing, debonair, and extremely high class, but he seemed intent on looking only at Miss Enders the entire night.

He knew she was lower than he, but he didn’t care and the two soon fell in love. He proposed to her in secret, and told her he would wait for her until his uncle, his stodgy caretaker who would never agree to the marriage, died. Of course, promises made in youth do not always last.

Another girl caught young Edmund’s eyes and soon he forgot about his engagement. With no witnesses to back her up, her cries that she was his legitimate fiancée fell on deaf ears. When Evelyn showed up at their wedding crying and saying that he had proposed to her first, everyone called her insane and she was dubbed just another of the Gracey Mansion eccentrics like Leota and Gus Gracey.

Poor Evelyn had taken all she could. The extrication from society mixed with the loss of her true love and the remembrance of her traumatic past caused irreparable and dangerous damage to her mind. On October 31st, 1931, Edmund and his wife attended the Gracey’s Halloween extravaganza and Evelyn leaped at a chance for revenge. She lured Edmund off under the pretense of wanting to apologize to him, and when the couple was far enough away from the festivities so as his screams might not be heard, Evelyn pulled out a cleaver she snatched from her aunt’s kitchen and sliced off Edmund’s head.

Laughing to herself, she returned to the party. Everyone figured her bloodied dress and cleaver were apart of her costume and she passed by unnoticed. Unfortunately for Evelyn, she had a weakness for tea. She took sip after sip of the infamously contaminated tea and died along with the other guests that night.

Currently, she can be seen haunting the Gracey graveyard along with the other “Tea Party Guests.” She walks about saying odd things about car wrecks and lovers lost while carrying a basket with a skull. The skull, quite fittingly, is that of her dearest Edmund, so he can be with her forever.
this is my character for =mansionfans current project. i have not done an image yet but hopefully i will get one up. if not...well...then i guess she doesn't get an image >.<

the timeline is based on a storyline website i know and love. the attire of the haunted mansion doesn't exactly fit with the early 1900s, but o well :D

Evelyn and Edmund belong to me
the rest belong to Disney
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